Monday, 11 June 2007

Casio FX-850

This is an small calculator, with a BASIC interpreter and RAM memory (32/64k), it was made by the well known Japanish Calculator firm CASIO. A relative that was working in Canary Island, when the electronic products were still cheaper than in Spain bought one it for me in 1988, but unfortunelly the calculator fell from a second floor in 1992, and the display was broken.

The calculator has also a memory bank with more than 100 different mathematical functions and programs.

This model was buy in ebay in March 2007, in Thailand, good shipping from there , and was partially functional, I'm still looking for one of the memories to be able to access to the memory.

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Unknown said...

I still have one of this. I started programming in basic with this calculator to implement some stadistics routines to pass my exams. Good memories. It was and still is a great calculator with a lot of functions implemented.