Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sinclair Spectum 48K aka gomas

This is the FIRST model of computer that I got, as I told before I "upgraded" the sinclair 48k to Sinclair + (the one two or three post before).

This machine is a gift from a college  after he discovered my not so hidden Computer Diogene Syndrome (recollect all kind of old computers ;-)

About this machine there is few more things to say perhaps that the best Spanish Company started developing games for this platform (Dinamic ) and that more than a generation of Computer Engineers and technical people in Spain grew and learn to play games (and sometimes also some BASIC language ) with it.
The machine was too popular that some radio station used to broadcasts games that the user save in a normal tape , loading the games from the tape.
here you can see, from left to right the power connector, expansion slot and the plug for saving and loading files from a normal tape.

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