Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Cisco AGS+

Uno de los primeros routers que se pusieron en RedIRIS ,  y que estuvo funcionando (al menos tiene la versión de IOS 11.0 ) hasta 1997, fueron estos equipos, introducidos por Cisco a principios de los años 1990, (habrá que investigar en el boletín si aparece más información.

El equipo disponía de varios slots para puertos serie y dos Ethernet a 10mbs con interface AUI para la conexión en local.

Curioso que ya en esa época el equipo disponía de ventilación lateral,  e incluso de "interruptor de encendido":

Por desgracia parece que la obsolescencia programada no es un asunto reciente, ya que aunque la memoria "flash" parece que funciona correctamente y el sistema arranca,  se produce un error al empezar a ejecutar el sistema operativo, lastima no se va a poder conectar a internet de nuevo..

Friday, 27 April 2012

imac G4 - 2002

This model is from 2002 and has the honor of have been exposed in the New York MOMA museum , it was the first imac with LCD display, and was nicknamed "ilamp", as it's shape remembers sometime of a desk lamp , and a video made by pixar.

The design was quite impresive, including the transparent speakers and the boxing of the computers was also great , with space for the mouse, keyboard and all.

This last picture show the imap inside it's box, with the speakers also in their space .

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Apple II & Unitron Clone

The computer that launches Apple to the fame was the famous now  apple II,  I'm not going to start here talking about this computer or company , mostly because there are a lot places in internet where you can find information about the model.

Those computers wheren't so frequents in the South of Spain because there were too expensive compared with the Sinclair/Amstrad and similar computers that most of the young people started in computers.

I was lucky to receive two computes when I started to collect old computers, full with floppy drive unit, extension cards (including a serial card and modem) and a lot of programs, I will try to boot again both computers soon, but first I need to find a old TV to connect the machines.

Both computers seems to work, at least the keyboard light works when both computers powers on , but I still need to test them again.

One of the curious thing is that one of the computers is not named "Apple", but it is branded "unitron",  but as you can see from the pictures both of them are equal, and in fact the floppy drives, extension card and so on are compatible.

Looking at http://www.museo8bits.com/unitronap.htm it seems that the unitron where clones made in Brazil, so it's interesting how the computers come to Spain.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Macintosh Portable

In the last year of the 8x, Apple had a good customer base, and they have successfully moved from the Apple II series to the original Mac, so it  was time to  think in the executive people that were moving from some place to other, so they launched their first "Portable" computer.

This "ancestor" of the Ipad weight about 7Kg, so it was not  usual to see people using it in the airports to read their  emails ;-) (FaceBook was not invented so people don't use this computer to updade their profile ;-)

Internally this Mac has a lead-acid battery , that unfortunately in this model is not woking...

But we are looking for a replacement, it would be nice to see which documents and presentations has this Mac inside ;-)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Sun Ultra 5

It was November 2003 and I was in Tokio after a conference, so what is one of the geek places to visit in Tokio ?, ...
(if you don't know the anwser it should be that you have not been in Tokio and not a computer collector ;-).

Akihabara, is an area of Tokio full of electronic equipment, new and also used /old, so it was the perfect place to buy some olf stuff. After visiting the place I bought a Sun Ultra sparc5 for 6,300 Yens , about 50 Euros in 2003, so it was a cheap.

 The problem is, "how to carry a Sun ultra Sparc 5 home ?", (and cheap / free ) , the machine weight about 8kg, so it was not good to put inside the baggage.

The reply is easy , as "cabin baggage", so here are two pictures of the machine prepared to flight home:

Both pictures were taken in the Hotel room just before leaving, it was quite heavy, but fortunately I don't need to walk too much to reach the airport.

 About the machine it wood to remember that was one of the "cheap Sun", (with IDE hard disk & cdrom,  VGA video output and so on,) but with a Ultra Sparc chip , able to run the recent Solaris 10
(if you have enought RAM).

 I will try to put more pictures of this machine at home soon.

Friday, 8 May 2009

16Kb memory expansion for ZX81

The original sinclair ZX81 has only a 1kb memory of RAM, so it was quite difficult , but not impossible , to produce any big program, obviously soon there was memory expansion for them and one of those modules was the 16Kb memory extension (usually any image of this blog , compressed and so on it's too big to fit in those memory modules, but in a few years ago 16 kytes of RAM where a lot of space .

As a curiosity , the three first models of sinclair used the same processor, the zilog z80, so where able to access up to 64Kb of RAM (2^16) , so with the different size in their ROM size (BASIC interpreter, Input/Output routines, etc), produces that the total RAM size of the machines where bigger in the first models (up to 60Kb in the sinclair ZX80, 56 kb in the sinclair ZX81 and only 48Kb in the last model sinclair Spectrum.

After the sinclair spectrum the other models (sinclair spectrum 128, +2, and +3 ) used a technique named "pagination" to share a memory space between different memory banks allowing to have more than 64kb, but not at the same time.

casio FX-702P

Another calculator from casio, with a BASIC interpreter allowing to develop your own programs, this model has the unusual feature of not using a QWERTY keyboard, and keys are aligned following their alphabetic order in a 7x4 rows