Monday, 12 April 2010

Sun Ultra 5

It was November 2003 and I was in Tokio after a conference, so what is one of the geek places to visit in Tokio ?, ...
(if you don't know the anwser it should be that you have not been in Tokio and not a computer collector ;-).

Akihabara, is an area of Tokio full of electronic equipment, new and also used /old, so it was the perfect place to buy some olf stuff. After visiting the place I bought a Sun Ultra sparc5 for 6,300 Yens , about 50 Euros in 2003, so it was a cheap.

 The problem is, "how to carry a Sun ultra Sparc 5 home ?", (and cheap / free ) , the machine weight about 8kg, so it was not good to put inside the baggage.

The reply is easy , as "cabin baggage", so here are two pictures of the machine prepared to flight home:

Both pictures were taken in the Hotel room just before leaving, it was quite heavy, but fortunately I don't need to walk too much to reach the airport.

 About the machine it wood to remember that was one of the "cheap Sun", (with IDE hard disk & cdrom,  VGA video output and so on,) but with a Ultra Sparc chip , able to run the recent Solaris 10
(if you have enought RAM).

 I will try to put more pictures of this machine at home soon.

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